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Wellness pure

The bathroom is not only a place of hygiene but also of relaxation and recreation: Just think of the refreshing shower on a hot summer day, a soothing and warming showering experience in the winter - or simply to relax, to shake the stress of everyday life! In the bathroom, both the body and the mind are refreshed - especially if the bath is not just a means to an end.

Enjoy and relax!

Immerse yourself in your personal wellness oasis at home, after a hard day in your own familiar four walls, in romantic summer adventures for two or in star-shaped winter days.

Wellness in your own bath!

With the Jacuzzi model Honolulu of the brand MASILY from LinJa, you can get your private wellness area into your own bathroom. The generously shaped corner bathtub allows you to immerse yourself in the warm water and enjoy the whirlpool massage functions with all your senses. The two opposite lying positions offer space for two.