Wellness in your own bath!

Have you been dreaming about a whirlpool in your own home for some time? We have the solution! With the whirlpool model Honolulu of the brand MASILY from LinJa, you get your private spa in your own bathroom. With a whirlpool tub you do not need to create extra space for your new spa because the whirlpool tub is both bathtub and whirlpool at the same time. The generously shaped corner bath allows you to immerse yourself in the warm water and enjoy the whirlpool massage functions with all your senses. The two opposite reclining positions can accommodate two.

Relax in your own bathroom

Reduce stress, relieve muscle and joint pain - a soothing spa bath makes it all possible! Create a spa at home with a hot tub and treat yourself to a relaxing massage whenever you want and need it. A bubbly, warm bath is good not only for your body, but also for your soul.

Buy your whirlpool from LinJa - Your benefits

We guarantee you: Whirlpools are available at a permanent low price! Order your whirlpool online in our online shop and have it delivered quickly and easily to your home. Or you reserve your whirlpool online and pick it up after making an appointment.

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