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Office chairs with best prices!

We spend countless hours sitting in front of the computer. In order to be able to work from the comfort of your own home, it is of particular importance to find a comfortable and suitable office chair. Above all, it is the chair that can ensure your wellbeing. Therefore, allow time with your decision. Our high-quality and elegant office chairs convince by quality and design as chef chairs in elegant leather or racing look. The chairs allow you to assemble quickly and easily. The well-cushioned seat and the comfortably shaped backrest ensure good sitting comfort.

Comfortable executive chair in black or a modern racing chair in many different colors ...

No matter where we sit, it should be the best possible and most comfortable place. And since we spend many hours at the desk and in meetings, the office chair should offer every possible comfort. The elegant executive chair or the racing chair are ergonomically designed and allow dynamic and healthy sitting thanks to their features. The rocking mechanism ensures by the yielding of the backrest to the rear for a relaxed posture and thus for a relief of the intervertebral discs. The comfortable and padded armrests and the integrated neck support contribute to the relief of the neck and shoulders. The office chair is infinitely height adjustable and can be adjusted individually. Office chairs with unsurpassed feel-good effect!

Snow and ice? No problem .. order online at low prices!

For the winter, we offer Streusalz based on natural purity and antifreeze (magnesium chloride) to prevent the freezing of riding arenas and outdoor areas.

Practical and contemporary ...

Enjoy a tidy living room or bathroom. Our glass shelf '' Luela '', offers contemporary design for living room and bathroom. It is easy to assemble and offers various design possibilities. The glass floor is made of safety glass with a glass thickness of approx. 6mm. The edges are polished. It can be attached to the wall quickly and easily with the clips. The glass bottom is up to max. 8kg loadable.

Both for business, households, etc ...

For gastronomy, we offer you customized regeneration salts for all types of water softening systems - both for the trade as well as for households, residential facilities, hospitals and laboratories. Water softening by ion exchange is the best way to obtain soft water. The result is efficient, trouble-free water softening with all the associated advantages, including lower limescale deposits and an increased service life of installations and equipment.

In sanitary areas and in the kitchen, perfect hygiene is the key!

With a good detergent this is no problem. With us you get the right cleaning agent for every purpose. We offer you a comprehensive range of body hygiene products and cleansing agents, e.g. Shower bath and hand soap soap or laundry soap and universal soap etc. for commercial and private purposes.

Whether for baking, canning, cooking or just for sweetening food and drink -

Südzucker offers a variety of sugars. Sugar is a foodstuff whose nutritional importance is reviewed by recognized nutritionists and physicians. Neither the health nor the vitamin supply are endangered by the usual sugar consumption in Germany. The top US health authority also rates sugar as a safe food.

By us you will also find the right salt for your food ...

All products are made of high-quality high-purity boiling salt. Salt generally has the function to lend this flavor to food. In addition, it is used for preservation, stabilizing the texture, as a fermenter and flavors and makes a great visual impression as a topping for certain products.

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