Water Maintenance

A pool in the summer makes plenty of water fun. In order that this remains and we can dive into the cool water in good weather at anytime, periodic cleaning of the water is recommended. Chlorilong® is a slowly dissolving 200g chlorine tablet for the duration of disinfectant to eliminate bacteria and removal of turbidity in the pool water. MULTIBLOC® consists of a 500g Multifunction chlorine block and 150g Algizidgranulat with the following properties: Duration disinfection to eliminate Baktieren and distances of turbidity in the pool water, algae prevention, and flocculation. Soft & Easy is chlorine-free alternative for the disinfection of swimming pool water. The granules combination based on active oxygen and algaecide creating a synergy, and thus provides a reliable disinfection and prevention of algae growth. Superflock Plus is a flocculant cartridge for sand filters for effective prevention and removal of turbidity in the water. With its special formula, the Superflock Plus cartridge slowly dissolves, thus ensuring a long-term effect.

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