Car & Workshop Equipment

Here you will find the matching DBV wheels, tires and lubricants for your car at interesting prices with just a few clicks. We are happy to supply you with complete wheel (rim and tire assembled). All DBV Alloy wheels are equipped with general operating permit (ABE) and TÜV approved.

Our tires from DBV always meet highest demands. We have summer - and winter tires, all-season tires at super low prices. Of course, for vans, SUVs and SUV.

With an aluminum rim for your car, you are right on trend. In our shop you will find high-quality wheels from DBV suitable for your vehicle.

Motorcycle tires
You can find cheap but high quality motorcycle tires. Join them quickly and easily find the right products for your motorcycle.

Oils and lubricants
We also offer a large selection of oils and lubricants at fair prices. In DBV engine oils are exclusively premium Erstraffinat engine oil.

The alloy wheels Store:
Here in our shop you can order DBV Alloy wheels rims particularly favorable. We are happy to also supply complete wheels for your car.
The questions, for example, what rims fit on your car and what rims you are allowed to drive, are answered here in the shop soon. From the shop just your car and it will be displayed wheels that fit. We have aluminum wheels in 13, 14, 15 and 16 inches as well as 17 and 18, and some models in 19 and 20 inches. We offer black alloy wheels, designs in black and silver and anthracite and of course also in silver!

We can offer all DBV rims cheap:
  • Adria
  • Arizona
  • Australia
  • Bali
  • Como
  • Costano
  • Florida
  • Lappland
  • Malaya
  • Mauritius
  • Milano
  • Samoa
  • Tahiti
  • Torino II
  • Tropez
  • Venezia

Completely assembled and balanced tires and rims - Aluminium complete wheels
You can also order the rim and tire completely as complete wheel. From the Online Store of your car and the matching alloy wheels are displayed. Then look at rest a rim and a certain size and the matching tires are equal to appear. Now you can order only the aluminum wheels or equal to aluminum complete wheels for your car online cheap.

The car tire store:
Tires, whether summer, winter, all-weather tires, you can buy cheap at us. We offer cheap tires suitable for your car in!
In our shop you will find car tires tires for cars, vans, SUVs and SUV. The shop offers a simple and straightforward search function. The data from the EU tire label and product pictures to help you with the selection of tires. You will also find motorcycle tires online store offer!

The oils and lubricants store:
We also offer a large selection of oils and lubricants at fair prices. In DBV engine oils are ausschließich to Premium Erstraffinat engine oil.

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