For the animal lovers among our customers, LinJa24 offers a wide range of pet supplies.

Very popular are our space-saving, collapsible dog transport boxes made of polyester, and boxes made of sturdy wire, lightweight aluminum and different colors. Our transport boxes offer your dog next to the excellent ventilation, enough space and visibility. By us you are sure to find the right box or cage for your pet.

Also, you will surely find the favorite cat tree for your house cat. Scratch, - and climbing opportunities are abundant in each of our cat trees. As well as sun, - and play facilities. Our high-quality cat trees are made of environmentally friendly sisal rope.

For your twittering friends there are beautiful aviaries in different sizes. Input bee feed have effects on health and productivity of bee colonies.

The right choice of bee forage is therefore of great importance.

Salt Licks are essential to meet the individual needs of salt, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. They are necessary for good health and thus the performance of your livestock. A possible lack of these ingredients can affect the appetite, milk yield, growth and the natural resistance ability. Animals in the wild seek out their own sources of salt in nature and care for the sodium balance in their household. Breeding animals need sodium to compensate for the defect due to insufficient sodium content of the usual food plants. Cattle salt aids digestion, physical development and well-being of the animals.