Sauna cabins

Allow your body and soul to do something good and recover from everyday stress with an infrared cabin!

We offer infrared cabins and saunas in different variants, sizes and shapes for two or more persons. The infrared cabin works with natural life energy. The body is heated by infrared heat radiation. 80% of infrared radiation penetrates deep into the body. The blood flow is promoted and the detoxification of the body of toxins is stimulated. In the infrared cabin, the energy balance can also be increased by the optimum oxygen situation. Muscle tensions can dissolve (for example after regeneration after sports) and irritations of the joints are alleviated.

Wellness in everyday life

In the sauna our body is heated by hot air. Through the many sweating in the sauna, the skin is cleansed and pollutants are washed out over the skin. If you go regularly to the sauna - so you strengthen the defenses. In addition, the change between warm and cold is good for our body. The alternation of warming and cooling trains our circulation. With the Jacuzzi model Honolulu of the brand MASILY from LinJa, you can get your private wellness area into your own bathroom. The generously shaped corner bathtub allows you to immerse yourself in the warm water and enjoy the whirlpool massage functions with all your senses. The two opposite lying positions offer space for two.

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