Infrared cabins Full spectrum heaters

The effect of the full spectrum heaters

Full spectrum emitters cover the entire infrared spectrum. They radiate in the IR-A, IR-B and IR-C range. This means that the full-spectrum radiators come closest to natural sunlight.

The warmth of the full spectrum heaters

The rays of the full spectrum emitters are particularly intense. Whilst the rays of the area radiators and ceramic radiators only penetrate into the upper and middle skin layer, full-spectrum radiators also reach well-perfused skin layers. This creates an intensive deep heat. The body is effectively warmed from the inside out. Your body temperature increases and you start sweating after only a few minutes. You can relax in peace, switch off from everyday life and enjoy the cozy warmth.

Infrared cabin with dual heating system

Infrared cabins with dual heating system are equipped with both area and ceramic radiators or with full spectrum and area radiators. They combine many advantages with each other and thus the highest effect of relaxation and therapy can be achieved.

What distinguishes an infrared cabin with a dual heating system?

Our infrared cabins with dual heating system are equipped with area and ceramic radiators, as well as with full spectrum and area radiators. The area radiators distribute the heat throughout the entire interior. With their radiant heat, the area heaters heat your body from the outside and thus ensure optimum relaxation. The more intensive spot radiation of the ceramic radiators, on the other hand, penetrates into the middle skin layer. Full spectrum emitters even reach well-perfused skin layers. The warmth creates a pleasant feeling of warmth from the inside.

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