Shower trays

Shower tray for floor-level shower

The floor-level shower is increasingly popular. Not only physically impaired people, who are dependent on accessibility, are convinced by the comfortable shower. More and more people of all ages are longing for this luxurious shower experience. A floor shower also includes a shower drain, which, besides your functional benefit, also excels through aesthetic design. In order for the water to flow cleanly, a slight slope in the screed must be ensured. If the floor drain is placed in the center, a multi-sided gradient is required. Also the tiling is somewhat more time consuming. Another possibility is to drain the water to a wall. Good sealing is also of great importance, so that no water flows between the tile and screed.
In our online shop you will find various shower trays in attractive designs and sizes. A dream showers with rainshower and side showers need a larger shower channel in order to cope with the large amounts of water. Consider this in your planning.

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