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Fertilizers are a very important factor for the growth and health of plants. EPSO Top® is an immediately effective magnesium and sulfur fertilizer for leaf fertilization. The nutrients are fully soluble in water and are present in a sulfate bond. Since iron is essentially responsible for the green color of the lawn, iron fertilizer is mainly used for lawns.

Peat provides the necessary air circulation ...

In addition, a high iron content contributes to improved competition of the grass against undesirable mosses and weeds. Peat is a pure natural product ensures good air circulation and loosens the soil. It protects the soil against clogging, dehydration and encrustation. It promotes root formation and the growth of plants.

Vegetables, Herbs & Co. will thank you!

Our planting plant is a biological natural product and is suitable for vegetables, herbs, plants and perennials. The very loose structure ensures the best ventilation and root formation. Ideal for breeding tomatoes, herbs, strawberries etc. in containers and boxes.

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As soon as the weather becomes more beautiful, we spend our free time outdoors in our own garden. With the right lounge furniture it can become a real event. Garden furniture is becoming increasingly popular. The elegant combinations of high-quality seating are good on every terrace or balcony. You have the choice between different shapes and colors. Our Onlineshop offers a very wide selection of seat sets for small families as well as garden sets for a large invitation.

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Due to their characteristics, polyrattan furniture is ideal for use as garden furniture. A rattan seating group is weather-resistant and easy to maintain. Furthermore, garden furniture made of polyrattan can easily be inserted into existing facilities. Whether a rattan lounge or a rattan sofa - our garden furniture made of rattan will give you great pleasure. In addition to our rattan furniture, we also have a high-quality rattan dining table for four or more people. In the rain, your rattan furniture simply covers with a cover for your rattan set. In addition to a normal rattan furniture is recommended a sun lounger. On this sunny island you can enjoy beautiful summer summers and relax. This Sofainsel also offers enough space for two people.

That certain extra to your furniture!

We also supply accessories such as connecting elements, decorative cushions and cushion covers for your rattan furniture. The connecting elements provide for the practical use. Thus, no slipping of the elements is possible. A must for anyone who wants to relax in peace! Give your furniture a special look with our decorative cushions and pillowcases. Our pillows are made of a solid material and are available in fashionable colors and are made of a high-quality, water-repellent polyester. The seat covers are made of a high-quality, water-repellent polyester, with a zipper, removable and washable.

In case of inconsistent weather, a cover for your rattan set is indispensable!

Whether a table, chair or lounge, a cover protects your set against rain, snow, dirt and other environmental influences in the garden and saves money and work for the care of your garden furniture. Mulch - Aesthetic and practical If you want to enhance your garden visually, you can cover your beds with mulch. It goes without saying that mulching is not only about aesthetics, but also about the practical use: it can also have a positive impact on soil quality and plant growth.